Alma B. at New London Barn Playhouse

That’s a wrap (for now) on ALMA B.! Thanks to New London Barn Playhouse for creating such a safe and beautiful space to play, and for allowing us to read the play for the very first time for an invited audience on April 20th! What an amazing girl-power cast and crew! The reading was so generously received, with stimulating conversation afterwards. Can’t wait for next steps!

ALMA B. is a new play with music inspired by the life of my friend Susan Haefner’s grandmother Alma’s life. Book by Susan Haefner, words and music to the original songs in the play by Susan and I. Directed and choreographed by Sara Brians. Associate Director: Lori Brigantino.

More than 20 years after her Grandmother Alma’s passing, Susan finally gets the courage to open a box of Alma’s belongings, one that she has avoided persistently for years. Memories come alive with each object found, and what Susan discovers is unexpected, joyful, funny, heart-wrenching and ultimately, freeing.

The multi-generational nature of this engaging story is sure to strike a chord with audiences, rekindling memories of their own grandparents and families. Additionally, this play with music has memorable original songs that run the gamut of genres from Folk, Americana and Old-Time to Pop, Novelty and Musical Theater.