“Lisa Brigantino is what you’d call a complete musician—a superb multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and not least, rocker. Brigantino brings to her songwriting that real sense of melody that so many putative writers lack.”
– Jon Sobel, Blog Critics

“Lisa is one of the most versatile songwriters we’ve heard. She is a true artist who has mastered countless styles of writing, singing and performing. This New Yorker moves effortlessly from a sensitive acoustic ballad to an in-your-face bluesy romp without skipping a beat.”
– Women of Substance Radio

“Lisa’s music is very well crafted and beautifully performed (I would expect nothing less).”
– Jack Douglas, Grammy Award-Winning Producer/Engineer (John Lennon, The Who, Aerosmith, Cheap Trick)

“Her honest lyrics, mellow guitar work and powerful vocals create the kind of catchy universality that might make John Mayer jealous.”
– Lip Magazine

“…Elegant, hot jazz-inspired, fingerstyle guitarist/songwriter…”
– New York Music Daily

“Phenomenal musicianship and top-notch songwriting!”
– Loosey Lucy E-Zine

“Harmonious, melodic, smooth, bluesy, funky, rootsy all these describe the music of Lisa Brigantino. She conveys a lot through her words, and more importantly, her vocal styling itself.“
– Pull Press


“Lisa Brigantino doesn’t need excessive production – her voice is a wall of sound all by itself. And as for variety, it’s hard to find an album with more variety than I’ll Waltz Before I Go…Brigantino’s voice itself is something truly special. It combines the brightness and clarity of a precocious twenty-something, with all the range and control of a woman with decades of practice under her belt….Nearly every track is a standout…This is a stunner of an album.”
– ‘Round Magazine

“Throughout the thirteen tracks, Lisa seamlessly blends genres from Folk to Americana, Country, Rock, and Old-Time, even incorporating some Gypsy-Jazz for good measure. The album kicks off with the world music flavored “Watching The Ducks,” which offers a serene metaphor for falling in love brought to life by Lisa’s emotive vocals, guitar, and percussion.”
– The Daily Country

“Lisa Brigantino is an American singer-songwriter, with her latest track I’ll Waltz Before I Go being a wonderful folk tune in the traditional style.  It’s quite a simple track but that is certainly not an issue here, and we implore you to listen until the chorus – the vocal melodies and chord progressions used are simply beautiful in a haunting and addictive manner. We can’t stop listening to it and we reckon our readers won’t be able to either!”
– York Calling

“Lisa Brigantino keeps on churning the goodness for us in her folk offering ‘I’ll Waltz Before I Go.’ The title track from the new album wants all of us to know that we all should live gracefully, and to the fullest that we can. Let’s smile and laugh and enjoy the life that we have. In the little moments we live the fullest. Don’t forget that. The new album is out now, from the Brooklyn-based songstress.”
–  Come Here Flloyd 


“(Wonder Wheel) is a strong 13-tune collection that shows off Brigantino’s wide range of interest – Rock, blues, folk, ragtime, Tex-Mex, and country impulses collide, but it’s all held together by Brigantino’s expressive vocals, her expert playing, and the support of husband and co-producer Tomi Millioto, who adds massive electric guitar chops and drum programming that make the harder tracks kick serious behind. There isn’t a weak track here…”
– All Music Guide

“Brigantino offers a variety of styles and mixes them up in a wonder package called “Wonder Wheel”, full of diversity and which never sits in one place for very long.”
– Vernan Tart, Culture Bomb

“Lisa Brigantino has the voice of a chameleon, and it’s a quality that serves her well on her latest release, the aptly titled Wonder Wheel. Flowing effortlessly from the folksy tweet and harmonies of Sarah, to the down-and-dirty rockabilly style of This Town, Brigantino sheds light on what it might have been like had Patty Loveless sang rock-n-roll music.”
– ‘Round Magazine

“Wonder Wheel is a well rounded album, featuring everything from blazing electric guitar licks on Go and Find It, to rockin’ blues on This Town, to sweet finger-picked acoustic folk on Those Days, and sparkling piano pop on the title track. Lisa’s voice moves fluidly from style to style, earthy on the blues and rocker songs, liquid sweet on the acoustic and pop tunes…Is there anything she can’t do?”
– Lyrical Venus Radio, KRUU-FM

“It’s hard to place Lisa Brigantino in a genre. Maybe it’s her rock background, or her phenomenal talent to play an array of instruments ranging from guitar to accordion, or her full, but something about this mixture is too unique to stuff in one genre…It’s this rarity that makes Wonder Wheel such a superb album. There’s a little bit of everything, but it’s done in such a well-put together way that it’s fascinating. There’s a definite twang and heart to everything, but there’s an edge and an attitude, too. Brigantino has been put on all kinds of “artist to watch” lists. You should do more than watch. You should listen and then re-listen and re-listen again. Wonder Wheel will touch you, entertain you, and refresh you. “
– Music Reviews


‘A Brooklyn Night’ is a splendid album. With the help of some stinging guitar work by her husband, Tomi Millioto, Brigantino puts together a varied selection of tasty musical entrees. She sings with a lot of soul and grit, showing the spirit of a true New Yorker. She plays one mean acoustic guitar and sings like a woman that is full of life and plenty of it to share with her audience. All the emotions are harnessed and delivered right on time in every song. This is all very well done.”
– The Global Muse Music Magazine

“This is a gem, a beautiful collection of poetic, melodic tracks. The arrangements, by Lisa and her husband Tomi Millioto, are mostly sparse and organic, allowing the beauty of Lisa’s voice and lyrics to shine through. It’s one of those CDs that you’ll want to listen to over and over again. I heard echoes of Joni Mitchell, Sheryl Crow, Alison Kraus, Mama Cass Elliott with a sprinkle of Janis Joplin thrown in for flavour! Lisa has a beautiful way of bending her notes when she sings. Some people say that the human voice is the most beautiful instrument of all but also the most difficult to master. Listen to Lisa and you’ll see what I mean…”
– Bassgirls.com

“Rootsy folk musing with the refreshing warmth of a well-recorded acoustic guitar, a soulful singer, and crystalline vocal harmonies that sound like angels tapping in on a radio signal.”
– Listen.com


“Lisa Brigantino is note for note for note perfection. She is thunder. She’s the dangerous criminal in the shadows of impending doom. Get used to her because she’ll always be in the back of your mind. She’s that tick-tock of the clock that keeps you up at three in the morning.”
– Aspen Daily News

“Lisa Brigantino…is simply one of the best hard rock bassists I have ever seen: solid and accurate, with an energy that seems limitless.”
– Progarchives.com

“…(Brigantino) is entirely professional and relentlessly understated…”
– Chuck Klosterman, Spin Magazine

“Lisa Brigantino is a mastermind in her own right. Up on stage she is a musical goddess—rightly so, with all facets of performance and production running heavy through her bloodline.”
– Sen Baltimore Magazine