“Lisa’s music is very well crafted and beautifully performed (I would expect nothing less).”
– Jack Douglas, Grammy Award-Winning Producer/Engineer
(John Lennon, The Who, Aerosmith, Cheap Trick)

“Lisa Brigantino is what you’d call a complete musician—a superb multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and not least, rocker. Brigantino brings to her songwriting that real sense of melody that so many putative writers lack, whether it’s on a softie, like the folksy “Those Days” and the lovely ” Light of Your Face,” or in more out-there fare
like “I Gotta Find Me Somethin’,” where Dixieland meets the Andrews Sisters.”
– Jon Sobel, Blog Critics

“Rock, blues, folk, ragtime, Tex-Mex, and country impulses collide, but it’s all held together by Lisa’s expressive vocals, her expert playing.”

“Lisa is one of the most versatile songwriters we’ve heard. She is a true artist who has mastered countless styles of writing, singing and performing. This New Yorker moves effortlessly from a sensitive acoustic ballad to an in-your-face bluesy romp without skipping a beat.”
– Women of Substance Radio

“Named “2010’s Artist To Watch Out For”, an artist by the name of Lisa Brigantino is taking the indie music scene by storm with the release of her new album “Wonder Wheel”…Lisa’s musicality on “Wonder Wheel” is unique; a music journey worth taking with this artist.”
– The Examiner

“…Lisa and Lori Brigantino had a bunch of catchy songs and a quirky streak in their songwriting…”

“It’s hard to place Lisa Brigantino in a genre. Maybe it’s her rock background, or her phenomenal talent to play an array of instruments ranging from guitar to accordion, but something about this mixture is too unique to stuff in one genre…It’s this rarity that makes Wonder Wheel such a superb album. There’s a little bit of everything, but it’s done in such a well-put together way that it’s fascinating. There’s a definite twang and heart to everything, but there’s an edge and an attitude, too…Brigantino has been put on all kinds of “artist to watch” lists. You should do more than watch. You should listen and then re-listen and re-listen again. Wonder Wheel will touch you, entertain you, and refresh you.”
– – “Wonder Wheel” rated 5 Stars and Pick Of The Week

“Wonder Wheel is a well rounded album, featuring everything from blazing electric guitar licks on Go and Find It, to rockin’ blues on This Town, to sweet finger-picked acoustic folk on Those Days, and sparkling piano pop on the title track. Lisa’s voice moves fluidly from style to style, earthy on the blues and rocker songs, liquid sweet on the acoustic and pop tunes.”
– Lyrical Venus Radio, KRUU-FM

“This album is a brilliant example of passion, love and determination. You can feel the emotion in Lisa’s voice, and you can soon tell that she loves what she’s doing and is brilliant at doing it… I love how this album progresses, it isn’t samey, boring, or a task to listen to; it is pretty much beautiful. It seems like a whirlpool of sparkle, paired with pitch perfect vocals and a drive to make a difference.”
– New Reviews, UK

“Some people are saying this will be a big breakout record in the second half of the year. Start with a song called This Town..”
– from ‘Five Songs You Gotta Hear Today –

“Editor’s Pick”

“Lisa is fierce…”
– The Salon Blogspot

Press from the LZ days…

“Lisa Brigantino (bass, keys, mandolin) is simply one of the best hard rock bassists I have ever seen: solid and accurate, with an energy that seems limitless.

“Bassist Brigantino is the band’s secret weapon.  Her versatility and musicianship are the band’s glue and like JPJ, without her, there is no “Zep” sound…”
-Telluride Daily Planet

“Lisa Brigantino is note for note for note perfection. She is thunder. She’s the dangerous criminal in the shadows of impending doom.”
– Aspen Daily News

“Lisa Brigantino doesn’t miss a beat when emulating John Paul Jones’ bass lines.”