House Concerts

Lisa Brigantino is available for house concerts!

A house concert is a musical performance in someone’s home presented by a host that does not profit from the event.  It’s an opportunity to experience a live music performance in a warm and intimate “listening room” setting and a chance to meet musical performers up close and personal.  From the performer’s perspective, it’s a great way for musical artists to personally connect with their audience and is very rewarding and enriching.

What’s required of the host is that they 1) have the space to host a seated concert, and 2) invite family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc.  Depending on the geographical location of the show, Lisa may also have fans that are interested in attending.  Lisa usually performs two sets of music with a short intermission in between.  The host can choose to provide appetizers and drinks, or even invite guests to bring a dish to pass for a potluck supper before or after the performance.  The options are really wide open depending upon how you’d like to host and present the concert.

What if your space is too small?  No problem – there are all sorts of non-house possibilities.  These types of shows can take place in a backyard, public-library, art gallery, school room, community hall, church basement, etc.  The informal nature of house concerts makes them adaptable to a number of different environments.

If you’re interesting in hosting a house concert with Lisa, please get in touch by emailing us.  We will get back to you with a detailed F.A.Q. sheet with more information.

TESTIMONIALS from some folks who have hosted a house concert with Lisa Brigantino:

“Lisa knows how to work a (living) room! The minute you meet her and hear one of her songs, you will want to invite her back to hang out and get to know her better. Organizing the evening was super easy, and the evening was so enjoyable.  Not only is she a multi-talented singer/songwriter and musician (she plays a gazillion instruments!), she genuinely enjoyed sharing stories and spending time with my guests before, during and after the house concert. I have invited her back again and again, most recently to another friend’s living room!”

     – Susan H.

“Lisa performed at my house in Trenton, New Jersey.  Her music and interaction with the guests was wonderful.  Everybody enjoyed it so much that a group of our guests decided to bring her back for a neighborhood concert at our town park’s small amphitheater. I highly recommend her.”

     – Carlos B.

“Lisa has performed at my house several times.  She is a great entertainer and a crowd pleaser!  On these occasions, she was happy to accommodate specific themes and audiences. Upon my request, she was able to supply a great mix of old favorites, sing alongs and her own beautiful new music – – which is usually the most fun for the guests – – the discovery of a new song!”

     – Mary Ellen L.